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Keeping Healthy During Isolation

2020 has turned into somewhat an odd year. All those new year resolutions we made on January 1st feel like a lifetime ago. As we head into week 6 of lock down its time to ensure we are living our healthiest and best life. Its so tempting to drink an extra glass of wine or eat an extra biscuit in these strange times but here at MPP HQ we wanted to offer our top 6 tips for a #healthy balanced #lifestyle that you can do from home.

1) Drink 6 - 8 glasses of water per day - Water has so many #health benefits for the body. Apart from avoiding dehydration, water can help improve skin appearance, helps with bone mobility, improves brain functioning and curbs hunger. We loose water naturally every day through perspiration and urination so it is essential to replace your water content - but be careful, too much water can actually be dangerous so stick to the 8 glass rule.

2) Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise - twice a day follow these three steps to improve #skintone & #elasticity, reduce breakouts & redness, prevent premature #ageing and brighten skin.

Find a range that suits your #skin but use the same product range for each step - different brands use different ingredients so your skin may get worse if you mis-match your products as the ingredients will begin to 'clash' with each other.

Cleanse twice - once to remove dirt and twice to #cleanse skin. Remove with cotton pads or washable sponges. Try to avoid flannels as these are breathing grounds for bacteria.

Tone your skin - Next pat dry skin and spritz a toner over skin - either leave to set or remove with cotton pads - dependant on brand.

Moisturise your skin is the last step - Always use upwards strokes - never drag the skin. Think about where you don't want to age and encourage your skin to lift in that area, ie stroke up your neck - never downwards. Apply #Moisturiser 20 minutes before makeup to help make it last or last thing before getting into bed. A thick moisturiser applied before bed will be so beneficial as your skin regenerates whilst you sleep.

3) Exercise - Even just a 30 minute walk round your block will keep your body healthy and your mind active. #Exercise is a wonderful #mood booster!

4) Learn something new - during these strange times its a great idea to learn a new skill to keep your mind #active. It could be something basic like cooking something you've always wanted to try but never had the time or energy. Or perhaps you want to learn a new skill such as sewing or a new language. Whatever you decide, having some 'me' time away from your loved ones is so essential.

5) Have Baths (where possible) Life is busy so why not take the positive out of lock down and enjoy thirty minutes locked in a room in a lovely bubble bath! Take a book and enjoy some #peace and quiet. Pop a hair mask on and relax. How often do we run in from work and jump in the shower? A bath is one of life's little #luxuries.

6) Eat #healthy and limit alcohol - Ensure you eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day and limit your red meat intake. Use alcohol as a treat for the weekend, don't be tempted to over indulge just because you are at home.



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